Telecommunications global warming and Health !!!

Tele warming and Health

The technologies of information and communication technologies (ICTs) can contribute with 87% of the total gas emission reduction global warming is needed to avoid a temperature rise exceeding 2 ° C

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This follows from the study published by the International Union for Telecommunications Union (ITU)-a UN technical agency, in which it is estimated that by 2020 the potential for emission reductions through ICT is equivalent to 7.8 gigatons of gases greenhouse.

Scientists have agreed that it requires a total reduction of 9 gigatons for the increase in global temperature is kept below 2 degrees Celsius, which could limit the worst effects of climate change.
The report of the Broadband Commission of the ITU, which promotes the expansion of this service, take the example of Germany, which believes that a quarter could reduce total emissions of the appropriate use of ICT.
To take the case of a rising power, says a 10% increase in the penetration of broadband in China could lead to both an increase of 2.5% of itsGross Domestic Product (GDP).
"Broadband can help the world transition to a low-fossil energy consumption," says the report, which notes that there is no part in modern life that is not affected by information technology and communications, more than 5 billion mobile phone subscriptions and more than 2 billion Internet users.
To encourage all countries to benefit more balanced than today's ICT technologies, the Commission's Broadband ILO has included amongst its aims that all countries have by 2015 a policy, strategy or plan of broadband to make this service accessible increasingly technological and economic terms.
He estimates that 40% of households in developing countries should have access to broadband Internet in 2015 and its cost should not exceed 5% of average monthly income.
The expert estimates indicate that within three years, 60% of the world population use the Internet, 50% in developing countries and 15% in less developed countries.

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