Try to Eat Less & Make an Imagination

Eating Habit and our Health

A group of scientists has discovered that with the desire to eat chocolate and sweets to imagine the action taking large amounts of these products can help satiate the appetite.


When we seem an chocolate bar ultimately brings some feelings in our mouth & mind. Our stomach is taken preparation by flowing extra fluid.

But according to this study, if you imagine a chocolate tasting and displayed every bite, chewing and swallowing, probably eat less if they put forward a real one.
The article entitled "Thought for food: consumo imagined you reduce current consumption", published in the journal Science, indicates that for most people the first bite of each meal is best.However, as you keep eating the food every bite is less attractive than before. This action of "get used" to a food is called habituation.
Morewedge Dr. Carey and his colleagues at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh (USA) have used the chocolate and cheese to show that imagination may be sufficient for a person gets used to food and thus, when consuming and not really awaken the same interest.
The researchers conducted several experiments in which he asked a group of participants to imagine eating lots of chocolate or cheese.The other participants were asked to imagine eating these foods in smaller amounts, or more, but of a different food, and another group was asked to imagine doing something completely different.
After the participants to imagine what it was required, the researchers placed a plate full of chocolate and cheese and asked them to eat as much as they wanted.Morewedge and his team found that participants who imagined eating lots of chocolates or cheese ate much less than others.
The researchers suggest that the type of mental images to visualize the whole process of eating a chocolate has very different from a brief mental image, which often cause more desire.The team is conducting further studies to understand how this form of mental imagery can help regulate behavior in diets or treatments to stop smoking. 

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