Oral Health

Some Tips for better Oral Health

    • Brush your teeth and floss after every meal and before bedtime since by reducing the activity of the mouth is an increase in the production of bacteria.
    Health tips
    •  Choose the most suitable brush your mouth, your dentist will advise the most appropriate and be sure to renew it every three months.
    •  The rich in fluoride toothpaste strengthens the enamel in children over three years and in adults is effective in preventing cavities.
    •  Decrease intake of these sugars is directly related to the formation of cavities.
    •  Avoid smoking; it increases the risk of periodontal disease and cancer in mouth and throat.
    •  Use mouth guards when playing sports.
    • Regular check up your dentist (Minimum 1 time per month).
    •  Take proper diet which will help your whole body as well as Teeth.

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