Dark Circles & Bags

Dark Circles & Bags and your Eyes

The area of Eye is so much sensitive & soft in human body. Men & Women all are looks more beautiful with their eyes. Taking less care in those eyes u seems so bad or older. The skin around the eyes, both upper eyelids and the lower is the most sensitive and delicate face. Since the skin in this area is very thin, is very susceptible to darken, get out wrinkles and bags.

Dark circlse

The Causes for Dark Circles and Bags in the Eyes

Unfortunately dark circles and puffiness around the eyes not only make you look tired and ill, but will also make you look older aged. Dark circles sometimes stain may occur in grayish, bluish or reddish. Both can be caused by temporary or transitional situations such as:
  • Do not sleep properly in one night.
  • Having a bad sleeping position makes it difficult to appropriately broadcast aqueous through the anatomy and causes it to accrue in assorted genitalia of one actuality beneath the eyes.
  • Not drinking abundant liquids or eating, overeating, aliment alkali causing aqueous assimilation charcoal one of the places breadth the breadth is placed beneath the eyes.
  • Using some types of cosmetics (especially the actual chemicals) in the eye breadth which can account bark allergies and swelling.
  • Eyes too Algieba tar can abrade the aerial bark about which makes veins arresting that breadth are taken.
However, there are permanent dark circles that appear in someolder people orthose who have a genetic tendency, as a result of the weakness of the muscles of the eyelids and causes the skinto slide downward folds or bags. 

How to relief from Dark circles & Bags

Unfortunately dark circles and puffiness around the eyes not only make you look tired and ill, but will also make you look older. When it comes to solving the problem of the annoying dark circles and bags under the eyes, the most expensive one we imagine specialize cosmetic treatments and creams.

But here are some natural ways to combat this problem. And although these methods do not help the total elimination of dark circles, at least help control and prevent the situation from getting worse.

Some tips to relief from Dark circles and Bags:

Tips #1:

Uses green tea bag as a home remedy for dark circles and bags. Develop compresses relaxing with 2 tea bags which should be immersed in a cup with hot water. Then remove and let the tea bags cool. Dip two cotton balls in the tea and apply to closed eyelids for 10 to 15 minutes.

Dark circles

Tips # 2: 

Use Potato as home remedy. Wash a medium potato, remove the potato skin and cut a few thin slices of eye size. Place on each eyelid closed and keep it in this position ten minutes.

Tips # 3: 

Put half cucumber oil in the refrigerator and make it cool, cut into slices and apply on your closed eyes for 10 minutes. Cucumber has cooling properties that help to fade dark circles with ease.

Dark circles

Tips #4: 

Another variant of this home remedy is to dip concealer slices cucumber 1/2 cup cold milk, drain and place a little above the eyes, at least for 10 minutes. It will help you to removing your eyes tiredness and stain.

Tips # 5: 

Almond oil and rose petals helps you as a home remedy for Eyes dark circles & bags. Place a handful of fresh rose petals in a bowl and cover with almond oil. And filter plug, after 24 hours, the oil to another flask. Soak two cotton balls with this oil, spread on the lids and let set for 30 minutes. Finally, remove with another piece of cotton.
Dark circles

Tips # 6: 

Cook and apple and mash with her when she is tender. Place in refrigerator for 10 minutes. Apply with a clean cloth, a little on each eyelid closed for a few minutes.

Tips # 7: 

Apply for 5 minutes, on eyelids cold compresses which is highly recommended in cases of red circles, because the cold stimulates circulation and, in turn, contracts the vessels blood facilitating the disappearance of this color.

Tips # 8: 

Develop a decongestant cream. This requires colocar50 grams of lanolin in a bowl in a double boiler. Stir with a wooden spoon and when melted lanolin, anadir25 grams of wheat germ oil. Put the liquid in an airtight jar and add 30 drops of the essence of apricot. Mix and apply on the area where the circles are formed in a circular motion.

Suggestions to avoid Dark Circles & Bags:

  • Avoid massaging the eyes. 
  • Rest your back for even submission of fluids.
  • Avoid extravagances, especially, insomnia.
  • Decrease salt intake, because it allows the storage and, consequently, plays a role in the development of bags under the face.

  • Wear sunglasses in case of extreme light to the eye lid muscle tissue work less.
  • Eat every day, going on a fast, some clean parsley for several weeks which inhibits bloat.
  • Take one pills everyday of supplement K which has the ability to claim the capillary surfaces, avoiding them to expand.

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