Facial Mask of Cucumber and Chamomile

Homemade Facial Mask of Cucumber and Chamomile

A homemade mask of cucumber and chamomile can be more than good for those who feel tired skin. Not only will moisture, but also take away that your face looks haggard. You have only to try the recipe.

Just getting get the job and you feel your face has absorbed all the bad vibes he had in front of him? Do you think your skin looks even more tired than your own body? Well then, you may have found the recipe specified: a great homemade mask of cucumber and chamomile to make your skin look and feel fresh, radiant and renewed. 

Mask of cucumber and chamomile

* Half a cucumber
* One tablespoon of chamomile flowers

Peel the cucumber, which two thin slices reserves for later, and cut into cubes. Meanwhile, heat half a cup of water to a boil and place there tablespoon chamomile flowers. Let cool. Infusion Board with cucumber in the glass of the blender and blend until ingredients are blended. 

Finally, you have no more than apply this mask on your entire face, including eyelids and neck. Allow to absorb and act for about 20 minutes. Then remove the mask with a little cold water. Your face will looking fresh and energetic.

You will try this mask when your skin are looking tried.

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