When Has FSCO Mediation Failed - Part 2

Last week, we blogged on the Court of Appeal`s decision in Hurst v. Aviva, which held that insureds may proceed to bring court actions or arbitration proceedings if 60 days have passed since an application for mediation at FSCO has been filed and no mediation has taken place.

The Court released its decision in Younis v. State Farm Insurance Company, 2012 ONCA 836 (C.A.) concurrently with Hurst.  In the Hurst actions, the 60 day period had elapsed prior to the insured filing a court action.  In Younis, however, the claimant applied for mediation on July 14, 2011 and filed a court action a few days later. State Farm`s motion to stay the action took place well after the 60 day period had elapsed.  Justice Sloan refused to stay the action. 

The Court of Appeal allowed the appeal.  The Court held that the insured commenced his action in contravention of the statutory requirement by not waiting 60 days.  Since Younis had not waited until mediation had failed, his action was barred.  To allow otherwise would permit insured person to immediately commence civil actions and the statute did not permit this tactic.

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